Hi everyone. I hope I'm posting this in the right forum. I just started skating a couple weeks ago and I have a question. With the rental skates I used during my first couple of weeks skating, I guess I learned to tip forward too much to keep my balance. Now I have a pair of Jackson skates which I love, but I tip forward so much on the blade that the toe pick is hitting the ice. This messed with my head a little, so one day I put my skates on the counter and examined the blade and there was a good 10 mm of clearance there from the toe pick to the counter. The description of the blade says there is a 8 ft radius, which I guess isn't technically for beginners but I'd still like to learn on this blade. For additional info, I weigh 150 lbs (maybe that's part of the problem?)

I am taking learn to skate lessons, but we don't get a lot of personal attention. Some books and websites I am reading say that you should center your weight over the ball of your foot. when I do that, I tip forward too much. During our first lesson I was told "bend your knees and lean forward, that'll help you keep your balance" but I'm thinking I might be leaning too far forward if this toe pick situation is happening. So this issue got me thinking too, maybe my posture is to blame. I don't have perfect posture either and never had to concentrate on correcting my posture, but I'm working on it. I also am still unable to even do a one foot glide, and I don't think I will be able to until I find the correct part of the blade to skate on for my personal balance. I'd like to practice on my own to see if it's something I'm doing wrong first before I get the blade altered. I guess I would just like to correct any bad habits I have now before I skate too long. I really enjoy skating and might eventually compete (although that is years from now - lol!)

If anyone has any tips for what I should focus on when practicing, that would be great!