The title pretty much says it all.

1996 British Junior Ladies Champion Katie Allan (now Scarbrough) lost her battle with bowel cancer this morning.

Here is a link to the announcement on her blog.

Skating In Heaven:

Katie, although your career was cut short by injury, when you were competing, you were somebody that skating fans in Northern Ireland could be proud of.

But, the way you dealt with your cancer, and used your battle to help others and to raise awareness of the disease in young people, turned you into somebody that everybody could be proud of.

I may not have known you personally, but it was a privilege to have chatted with you last week.

My thoughts obviously go out to Katie's husband, Stuart; her 2 children, Sam and Sophie; her parents, Les and Joan; and her entire family circle.

You are indeed "Skating in Heaven"

Gordon (CaroLiza_fan)