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-Let's make a small wager. If, at some point, Gracie Gold becomes Olympic champion, I predict that figure skating's popularity in the US will soar to levels not seen since Michelle Kwan.

Sorry, I'm not mocking the possibility that Gold might be a future Olympic champion.
But if she does snag Olympic gold, I do not think that her success will cause a dramatic increase in figure skating's popularity [ETA: in the U.S.]. At best, maybe a small and temporary boost, IMHO. (And I'm American.)
By the way, does your prediction apply only to Gold? What if an American lady other than Gold wins the 2018 Olympics?

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How to measure this? I will operationalize the prediction in a confirmable way: Gracie would then become one of the top 10 highest paid female athletes in the world. ....
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I will take that bet. The top ten highest paid female athletes last year were seven tennis players, race car driver Danica Patrick, Yuna Kim (seventh at 7 to 9 million dollars) and, in tenth place, a golfer at about 6 million. Gracie would essentially have to earn as much as Kim to make the list.

On the men's list, there is no one in an Olympic sport. (Boxer Floyd Mayweather is number 1 at 85 million -- all from winning two fights, 0 from endorsements). I believe that, as the Olympics gradually fade away -- especially the winter Olympics -- no Olympic athlete will ever make the list, Kim being a astonishing anomaly.
Mathman, any idea how much Nastia Liukin and Gabby Douglas have been paid since winning their all-around gymnastics golds at the Olympics?
Way less than Kim, no doubt.
And would you guess that the earning power of an American lady who wins the Olympic skating gold would be approx. in the same range?