260 mm long, for boots size 275 mm (Size 10 in US) for 229 Euros. Bought in Skater's World in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

I tried them for 2 months but my ankles didnt accept the "extra work". Snow Whites are perfect for former competitive skaters who are in training. IMO they are less suited for adult skaters who started relatively late with skating, as their feet havent got that extra strength.

I skate on Jackson Freestyle in the winter season and this spring I tried the Snow White frame and due to the sombering result, I have switched to 4 wheels again with Risport boots and the Roll Line frame "Mistral" and wheels Fox Light from Italy. It is a great frame for roller skating adult hobby skaters. I do artistic roller skating all year (twice per week in the summer, once per week in the winter).

Postage and package international of course. Simply PM me for pictures and requests or questions and of course address:-)