For one thing, Russians dominate RG. The only reason Son won 5th place in London Olympics is because the rules of RG only allow 2 athletes per country. Son participates in level B world cups where none of the top atheletes are present.
Not to mention, she spends almost $30,000 per month training in Russia, so the need of money would be ridiculous high. That being said, even though she never won an actual all-round medals, her agency makes it seem as if she won a medal by wriing numerous articles on how she won a silver medal in hoops or other categories, not all round. IB then uses this to promote her and makes her endorse many products.

Its sad to look at people who thinks she won an actual medal. Its like praising Yuna that she won her SP in 2011 worlds but forgetting that Miki Ando is the one who "actually" won the event.

I would give Son credits for becoming first Korean to achieve her minimal achievements, but until she wins an actual all round medal from at least a level B event, shes nothing but a celebrity who has an interest in RG.

Oh and I think Russian feds are actually helping "Son" if you know what i mean.... $30,000 per month is alot