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Thread: Blade discrepancy (different blade edge heights)

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    Blade discrepancy (different blade edge heights)

    After some 10 years skating, I came to realize that I can skate much "harder" with an edge discrepancy. It was that way in the beginning as my sharpener would sharpen so the skate would stand on its own and now (have been sharpening my own) tried that myself and found an improvement in power skating. I am 6'3" tall and realize at the distance my feet are naturally apart may have influence.

    My question is, should I switch to a thinner blade so the transition between edges is shorter? Can you give a synopsis of what will change if I get a thinner or shorter blade? Maybe some need the shorter inside edge, do any popular skaters use this?

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    The way your feet are naturally part should not play any difference at all. Most of the time one skates only on one blade; there is very rarely time when 2 feet are on the ice at the same time. The only time that comes to my mind is when a skater pushes. But when you push, your feet are supposed to come together, so there is really no time when you would have both feet on the ice and legs much apart. Unless you are complete beginner, which you shouldn't be after 10 years of skating.

    Watch on youtube clip of any skater (preferably one that can skate) and notice the minimal amount of time the skater has two feet on the ice.

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    I can't speak to the thinner blade, but a shorter one will reduce your speed, but increase agility. Look at the difference between a speed skate, figure skate and hockey blade. The longer the blade can remain in contact with the ice, the more forward momentum you can get and the faster you can go.

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