I am new here.
I want to have your inputs on whether my daughter should stop now or move on.
She is an intermediate skater, skated for 4 years and now is 7.5 yrs old.
Strength: good foundation, with some Star 1 to Star 3A silver and gold reports.
She like skating, at least I am not forcing her into it.
Weakness: inattentive, easily being distracted by other skater in the rinks.
don't have the initiative to push herself. Layback is the average situation of her practice.
Don't want to give out all she had: coach knows what she can do and she just don't think that she need to give it all out, even in lesson.

Lately: started her axel and take a very slow pace in making progress. Thinking about whether she fear about fall that she always stretch her arms out instead of squeezing it tight.

I asked her: from 0 (no fear) to 100 ( scare to death), what is her rating in trying an axel in afraid the fall and pain. Her answer is 59.

Should I stop boldly now? As we all know that figure skating down the road is about how you can make it through all the pain, injuries and still can press forward.

I understand this kind of fear and I never can swim before I can conquer the fear of water, and "feet can't touch the pool ground"

Figure skating is such an every aspects ( time, money, commitment) expensive sport, I should humbly ask more of you folks in what you think.
inputs, please.