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Thread: Peggy Fleming said (Is MK the best?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwanatic View Post
    Mathman, you're so awesome . I'll totally sign that petition BTW...

    Regarding what was said earlier, I do think it's very out of line to insinuate a person's ethnicity plays into their love or hate of a skater. I'm not Korean or any kind of Asian but I think Yu-Na's Homage program is the most moving program she has ever done to date.

    Just my 2 cents...
    Two bad no more pennies I hear in Canada. As for the rest - "Oh BROTHER!!!!" We ened the olympic season to start fast - it's going to be a long summer.

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    Wow, gee, I just realized non-Koreans like Yuna, just like me-such dazzling revelation. And I'm so racist usually. I'm done with that comparison. Kween Kwan rules as of today-for me-that's all.

    Just fascetious-My fave skaters span the globe though more than a few are Chinese-I guess I wanna be someone else, LOL.

    As for Yuna skates-Lark is her best young effort and her most moving skate for me. It seems she is moved by the music. I like Danse Macabre from young Yuna, and her Oly performances were very good though not emotional skates, but after seeing Joannie skate-nothing was going to touch that for me. Les Mis is I feel her best effort by far since Vancouver. I wish her team well in choosing her music. I hope this will be her best ever, the skates that she truly feels. I feel her connection to audience could improve a lot-presentation marks used to reflect this, but maybe not so much anymore?

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    i will say so, but alot of other fans of other skaters may not.

    to me the best is base on popularity. why-we bring it up every year, every olympic season and each person chimes in with their favorite and defends why for a list of various reasons.

    you can't compare due to several factors
    1) jumps that was tried/did during different years was /wasnn't included like triples/ double singles
    2) the rules change every year to favor unfavor certain type of skaters
    example pcs 2006 had higher scores/ pcs for spins than did now,
    also had figures all of which counted versus 60%, 40%, 30%, 20% versus none
    3) had to go through qualifying rounds and than that changed, 1st only people who didn't make it to final had to do qualifying rounds
    than in 1996-2002 all skaters including medalist had to qualifying round to get into short program
    in fact in 2006 worlds the qualifying round kept sasha from the silver medal, and in 2005 kept michelle from the bronze medal.
    yun didn't have to go through quailfying round to get into short program

    4) combinations jumps were not done in short, late required in short
    5) the lenght of the free program was added from low of 2 minutes and 50 seconds to what not 4 minutes and 30 seconds for ladies and almost 5 minutes
    for men
    6) no triples/quads are mandatory
    7) falls counted more in 6'0s you fell in 1990 - to 2004 . you didn't win especially 2-3 times and if you fell in short and rival skated clean you ususally was relagetd to 4th place and had to
    hope your top rival fell and someone beat that person to win

    8) different judges/

    just too many different aspects

    yes i think michelle is the best for 1) had to skate clean short/long to win. the short program was a placement. had to do usually 7 jumps in her program
    had to interpert and connect with the audience and judges to stay up on top. had to stay ahead of tara, sarah, irina, sasha, shizuka, fumie, maria, julia all the while people, media and federation knocking her for just doing a triple toe/triple toe when she did a triple /triple. staying in 1994 to 2005/2006 listening to grips, complaints, wants , needs of sponspors, federation, fans and media, would be hard. plus keeping in mind what she wanted.

    tara i wished would have stayed in . i was acutually looking forward to it. she didn't. she chose her path, like sarah, happy for both of them. both could have done more if applied themselves especially sarah when she came back in 2003. yes, she was injured but i felt she gave up a worlds.

    yuna would be next choice

    but all skaters are great

    i think michelle/irina/tara, sarah,lu chen was great.

    i think yuna-mao/ mike carolina kosnter are great

    it just how you look at it

    different eras/times/rules, jumps, combination/judges make it different because they judge and won according to those rules/jumps, situations, combinations at that time not according to now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mathman View Post
    Here is my contribution to the zettabytes.

    1. Romanza 1996 Worlds

    2. Salome 1996 Worlds

    3. Rachmaninov 1998 Nationals

    4. Lyra Angelica 1998 Nationals

    5. East of Eden 1998 World Pro

    6. Red Violin 2000 Worlds

    7. Song of the Black Swan 2001 Worlds

    8. Fields of Gold 2002 Olympic exhibition

    9. Aranjuez 2003 Worlds

    10. Tosca 2004 Nationals

    Body of work.
    Yay, thank you. This is like coming across a favorite movie you've watched 100 times on cable TV. It just has to be watched... one more time. I'm going down the list starting.... now.

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