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I wonder what Ben has been up to. ... I know Ben had a serious girlfriend is he married now?
If I'm not mistaken, Agosto is both a coach and a choreographer.

As discussed on GS in 2012, Agosto had a leadership role on the local organizing committee for Skate America in Kent, Washington. Agosto was featured in articles, photos, etc. Re his personal life: Pandora was one of the sponsors, and Agosto appeared in a promotional video selecting Pandora charms for a bracelet for his girlfriend. (I'm 99% sure that at the time, she was referred to as his GF, as opposed to wife or fiancee. Possible, of course, that since then they have married -- I have no idea either way.)

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It is really a bit sad that one of our best ice dancing couples ever has to go to Japan to get the attention they deserve as pro skaters.
Belbin herself said a while back that she was making an active choice to take an extended break from performing (because her plate was full with other stuff).
B/A were SOI regulars up until then, I believe.
Apparently Belbin is ending her self-imposed hiatus (at least temporarily?).