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It is a new World now. Most everyone agrees Evan even at his best does not have the skill set to compete with the current top men, let alone after years off and nearing 30. Thus it surprises no one that if his comeback is more a PR stunt than anything else, and a way to keep his name in the news. Who can blame him really, what former Olympic Champion wants to come back just to finish 2nd to 5th at Nationals or 9th to 12th at Worlds or Olympics (if he somehow makes it). Yet if he doesnt do something to keep his name in the news he would be forgotten before now. This is the best compromise to squeeze a few more years out of earning potential, before fading into obscurity. I dont fault him, he is being smart. I first thought he wasnt as he was sacrificing time on SOI, but that show blows and is almost dead now anyway so who cares.

Evan might have some injuries, frankly I dont really care either way, what active skater even a show level doesnt have some kind of injury. However most of us believe he was never going to compete regardless. That is what the "pull out with injury" joke came from the previous poster, not laughing at someone having an injury, but that whether he does or doesnt that is what is likely to occur.
Okay, maybe I misunderstood the meaning of the original post. That still doesn't mean it's reasonable to accuse an athlete of faking/exaggerating an injury simply because he/she doesn't want to compete (and WE DON'T KNOW Evan's true intentions at this point, so any speculation is just that -- speculation, and usually heavily biased at that).