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Thread: What are Yuna Kim's strongest points as a skater?

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    I thought the Michelle Yuna thing was a mutual admiration society thing

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    1. The jumps. Not only they are amazing (because so are Kostner's) but they are consistent as a rock. Every other aspect of her skating is good or very good but the reason she beats everyone by this margin are her jumps. Her spins are very good, but not the best. Her steps are very good, but not the best. Last season she didn't have the best choreography on either SP or LP (I might get some hate by Kim's uberfans here). But she skated clean with monster jumps - which, as we see it, is more than enough.
    I am not saying the jumps is all she has - absolutely not. She is one of the most musical skater currently competing, she connects with the audience, she skates with great speed, has great skating skills and I could carry on forever. But there are other skaters who are just as good as her in every single category I mentioned, except the jumps. Basically: she is an all around skater with no weakness and with great consistency. A skater like her: with huge, power jumps, is rarely as good as her on everything else: which is why she is so successful (and rightfully so).
    To sum it up: huge jumps, uncanny consistency and killer instinct. This is the recipe for success

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    3 Things That Kept Her on the Podium All Her Career

    1. excellent jump technique
    2. above-average to very good non-jump elements
    3. consistency (which comes from her incredible mental focus)

    I think it's #3 that makes her truly formidable since so many other skaters have good jumps and above-average to very good non-jump elements, but they tend to make errors and/or have inconsistent showings.

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    My thoughts on the topic, if I paraphrase it to "What made YuNa Kim strong":

    - extraordinary athletic talent she's born with
    - excellent jump technique
    - excellent speed and skating skill
    - excellent control and coordination of body movements in executing choreographic tasks and non-jump technical elements including spins and steps
    - excellent skill and focus in incorporating all the elements into seamless execution to tell a convincing story within a program
    - excellent feel for the music and its theme, rhythm and phaseal changes
    - excellent range as a performer
    - excellent focus and endurance in training
    - mental toughness to keep calm and focused under pressure
    - most decisively, early-awakening to the fact that she has no backing of a strong federation and it's a must for her to be perfect to survive and make it to the top.

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