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Thread: The JSF, Japan and their media has mishandled Mao's talent

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    Mao is still a multi-World Champ, Olympic medalist, multi-millionaire who has broken all kinds of records in figure skating. Would she be happier if there was less pressure and scrutiny? Probably. But I don't get the impression that she can't handle it.
    Oh, she can definitely handle it, she's not a headcase or anything. But that doesn't mean that I can't feel bad for her all the same because of said pressure. I feel bad for Yuna, too. Just call me a sap! :P

    this thread reeks of being inflamed and strated by a Yuna Uber which is as bad.
    I really don't think a Yuna uber would have said that Yuna didn't face that much pressure, lmao. Not every thread that isn't 100% favorable to your faves (and I don't think this thread was even bashing Mao, just talking about how a lot of pressure was put on her, which actually garners a lot of sympathy) is started by a rival fan. Some of you sound so paranoid when you talk like that, lol.

    (Are you now going to tell me that the poster just said that about Yuna to cover their tracks? Well, it takes all kinds, I guess... )

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    Quote Originally Posted by let`s talk View Post
    There is no other Lady of the same caliber nearby. Ladies segment in Japan can be quite in trouble after Sochi. One more reason why people with certain powers put her under pressure not to quit. She is one Oly circle (5 years) yonger than another cash cow Daisuke, who will more than likely retire after 2014. And all attemps made the star from someone else ended up with nothing in particular. So, seems like Mao is the only ace card that could be available after Sochi. I told before that all tickets sales, TV rights sales are based on Mao an Dai's paritcipations in events. If they are BOTH gone, that would be a disaster for fs market. So, I believe Mao will be convinced to stay.
    For those accusing me of being a yuna uber or a mao hater please click on my name and previous post. I am a mao fan, so please stop saying that. Discussions get to personal here.

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