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Thread: How to increase ankle strength?

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    Exclamation How to increase ankle strength?

    I recently have wanted to start figure skating, and was wondering what I could focus on in my personal classes I take now. I am sorry I have no video but I will try to explain how I do skate, hopefully someone can give me general tips on how to improve my skating.

    I generally push off with my right foot, usually this foot will sweep a bit to the back as I lean at about a 10 degree angle forwards. I usually then glide, and the push again when need be. My feet seem to be turned the slightest in at the ankles. I do have used, size 8 American Athletic figure skates. They do not have much padding, if any at all. I was wondering if it is normal to have your ankles bent the slightest bit or are your feet supposed to be straight up an down, also are your knees supposed to be bent? Because my cousin said not to, and this caused me great trouble so I went to bending my legs and having a slight ankle bend too. Anyways, I was hoping someone could give me tips on technique and exercises to increase ankle strength?

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    Welcome to Golden Skate, Jaydaa13!

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    I'm not surprised your ankles are bending inwards in those junk skates! It sounds like you have no ankle support at ALL!

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    Your skates should pretty much immobilize your ankles. If they don't then they don't have enough support built into them. You can get a decent pair of beginner's skates for around $100 US dollars.

    You should always skate on a bent knee, unless you're doing a spiral or something like that. It stabilizes you by lowering your center of gravity.

    Enjoy your classes! Hope you're having a lot of fun!

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    The standard mantra for a new skater is to bend your knees and ankles and to have everything aligned, shoulders over hips over knees over toes.

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    If the boots don't have sufficient support, you can have this problem. This occurs when the knee and heel are not aligned properly. Practice to walk on heels & toes so you can balance ankle strength.

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