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Thread: Finding a new coach

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    Finding a new coach

    Am leaving my coach.....: She was really really talented, but the hubby and I are moving cross country.

    Moving forward, does anyone have any good tips for finding a coach, or better yet, is anyone on this board from the Boston area and know of a good, communicative (this is crucial for me!) coach who works primarily with adults and has a strong focus on posture and correct movement?


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    new coach

    When I found my coach, I had been skating (again) for 3 months before I asked him to coach me. I chose him for several reasons

    1) He had a good number of adult students - I saw him watch a woman stroke rather slowly for about 15 minutes, correcting her gently and trying to improve her skills - I figured he had a lot of patience and dedicaiton to his job!.
    2) I saw his extensions and posture as he showed other skaters skills and drooled over them - I hoped that with presentation like that he could translate at least some of it to me (and I think/hope he has ).
    3) I asked around before I talked to him and found out that he had passed his Senior MIF's - quite an accomplishment. I had never done MIF's and was lousy at figures. I NEED the basics and figured that, if nothing else, he knew them!
    4) When I did talk to him, I told him up front what my ambitions were, and what my former experience was. He wasn't fazed at all about my ambitions for the year (which were, well, rather ambitious - and we accomplished them, BTW), and he understood right away that I was a bit different from any of his other adult skaters in that I had done it as a kid - and I could tell he was looking forward to teaching someone like me.
    5) I looked past his young age - it truly isn't important because his work ethic is good (as it is with most skaters).
    6) I am so glad I took a few months to find a coach - we are a perfect fit, I am improving every lesson, and I'm almost always disappointed when our weekly lesson is over.

    So, I'd recommend that you take a month or two at your new rink, observe the other adults with their coaches (or the kids, if there are no adults), and ask around. Use your gut feeling.

    Good luck!

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    Re: new coach

    Welcome to the Boston area.

    I live in the northwest suburbs in Lexington, home of The Haydenettes!!

    Where are you moving to? I can then give you a list of the rinks that are close to you. I know some of the coaches at the nearby rinks and I might at least get you started.

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    Cinderella On Ice

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    Re: new coach

    I don't know if this will help, but here is a basic article on finding a coach:

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