Vera Wang profile on CBS Sunday Morning (Jun 30)

The tease for the segment at the top of the show showed skating photos from her youth and referred to her original ambition to be a figure skater (meaning at a higher level than she actually reached, I guess) instead of a fashion designer.

The full segment is about to air now.
The correspondent is Rita Braver.

ETA, text version of the story:

The little part about her skating:
Her first passion was figure skating.
"I fell in love with the freedom, the wind in my face, the gliding," Wang said. "It was something that gave a way to express myself physically and somewhat artistically."
But failing to achieve her dream of making the 1968 U.S. Olympic team was "devastating."
"Here I'd devoted my life, since I was seven years old, to one goal," Wang said. "And for me, falling and picking myself up, and not getting defeated and going back, has been a metaphor for my life -- that everything doesn't or can
[I think this is a typo for "can't"] be easy, and it's about coming back and trying again."
What she wanted to try was fashion.