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In addition to your outrage, imagine the outrage Gao, Nagasu, Agnes would have if they outskate a Hicks or a Wang, yet were nevertheless somehow passed over for a trip to Sochi as suggested by mskater 93. All three have been skating to a high level over the last 3 years, yet none has made a world team in 3 years. Christina has given up a year at Harvard and surely expects to be treated fairly. I am sure Nagasu's family is not rolling in bucks and is sacrificing to continue skating. Agnes has been third the last two years, and probably believes the 3rd spot is rightfully hers (despite subpar international results). The judging in Omaha was certainly suspect, and the US Fed would be wise to not have a second year in a row on National TV with suspect judging.
I am pretty sure regarding Sochi the 3rd spot will go to whomever skates well at Nationals (although if someone is held up and gifted the spot blatantly with big problem it would be Agnes based on NAtionals scoring over the years). However post Sochi they will look to Generation Next and the old guard are also wisely taking their last kick at the can to try for Sochi but will move onto the next phase of either their skating (shows, pro, choreography) or life after next season. The only one who could stay in realistically is Ashley, but I think alot of whether she does will depend on her results next season. She probably will stay in a year or two more if she doesnt atleast medal at Worlds, to try for that in a likely weakened field, although the 2014 Worlds will already be missing some veterans, so if she cant medal there it could be an indication she either had a bad event, or perhaps the up and comers are already passing her by and best she perhaps move on to then.