The 3rd spot is still wide open. Nobody really distinguished themselves. I am most disappointed in Gao. I thought this was the year she was going to finally do it, but she looks awful so far. Zawadzki is more a mess than ever. Hicks gets low PCS so unless she skates perfectly wont score well. Nagasu is << on her jumps like crazy. Cesario or Wang could do it, especialy Cesario.

Czisny still has a fighting shot if she can pull something out of the hat at Nationals, if only by virtue of nobody after the 2 locks for the team are doing well now. I cant see anyway Flatt comes close as she isn't a favorite of the USFSA, but Czisny always was and probably still is, so if everyone bombs at Nationals and she pulls off a surprise performance (as she has often done) you never know.