With the Summer Universiade in Kazan, Russia, currently taking over Eurosport's schedules (meaning the Australian Open Snooker isn't on TV in Europe this year - Grrrr!!! ), it started me thinking about the upcoming Winter Universiade.

Location: Trentino, Italy
Dates: 10th December to 21st December 2013 (11th December to 15th December for figure skating).
Website: www.universiadetrentino.org

Of the winter sports I am interested in, Eurosport only showed the ski jumping competitions from the 2011 Universiade in Erzurum. And I was surprised to find that most of the competitors were people that I would regularly see competing in the World Cup (this was especially the case in the women’s ski jumping).

But, thinking about it afterwards, I shouldn’t have been that surprised as most of the ski jumpers combine their training with their University education.

In figure skating, this generally does not happen. Most skaters delay their University education until after they finish their competitive skating career.

So that started me wondering: which (familiar) figure skaters would be eligible for this year’s Universiade? And, who are we likely to see representing each country?

As I said, Eurosport did not show the figure skating competitions from Erzurum. But I just looked at the results ( http://www.isuresults.com/results/wu2011/index.htm ) and, although there were a few familiar names (particularly around the top of the results), most of the names were not.

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Have any Latin American skaters ever made it to the Olympics? In recent years? Or ever?

I have a vague recollection of a lady from Mexico some time ago, but it's so vague I can't trust the memory to be accurate.
But, for those who were interested in the fortunes of Latin American skaters in the “remaining Olympic spots” thread, there were a few Brazilians competing at the 2011 Universiade.

Men’s: Kevin Alves
Ladies: Elena Rodrigues, Alessia Baldo

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