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Thread: Ladies Short Program - Notes & Results

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    Ladies Short Program - Notes & Results

    Due to the interim marking system, ordinals aren't shown on the scoreboard in the arena. They are shown very briefly for each skater on a monitor in the media room. I can't get these very often because I'm out in the arena watching and can't get back to the media room in time to see them. I only get them when another reporter who is watching in the media room takes them down & gives them to me. They're also only the ordinals at that point in the competition and aren't sorted by judge. I only got the ordinals here for Amber and they are the ordinals of the 9 judges that counted.

    JPN Yoshie Onda Start 1 Place 7
    Notes navy one shoulder with dusty rose underskirt / music is three preludes - gerswhin / 3z turnout 2t / ftwrk pause 3f / flycam good pos centering bit on slow side / 2a turnout / layback is good / O ftwrk is to music / spiral seq is ok / combo spin trav on front / she won't be too please with that but she's fighting a flu bug

    CAN Joannie Rochette Start 2 Place 6
    Notes orange one shoulder music is Metamorphoses by Schwartz / 2a / 3z fell out hand down turns 2t / flycam to inside edge is nice / ftwrk 3f / layback is centered good speed / strt steps are good lots of detail / spirals have good amplitude & extension / combo spin is centered with good pos /

    AUS Sarah Yvonne Prytula Start 3 Place 18
    Notes shades of green James Bond soundtrack / flycam is very nice / 2a / 2-1/2 toe on 2 feet turn 2t / spiral seq nice pos & edges / 2-1/2l stumbled out / combo spin include beillmann is nice / O ftwrk / layback has nice arm movement /

    RSA Jenna Anne Buys Start 4 Place 21
    Notes hot pink with beading on top / Spirit of teh Dance is music / layback is sideways leaning slow but centered / 3l under fell was to be combo / 3s under fell / flycam is nice with good pos & centered / I missed teh spirals / strt steps are detailed but very slow / 2a / combo spin to end is quite good /

    USA Jennifer Don Start 5 Place 13
    Notes orange red halter with crystals on top / strt steps to start are very good / 3t2t / 3s fell / flysit fly is ok spin is great / ina as a connecting move spread eagle ininto 2a tiny bit scratch on landing but clean / spiral seq had pos really held gave you time to admire them / combo spin has very good pos & speed include beillmann & Y

    CHN Dan Fang Start 6 Place 14
    Notes pale blue with sheer kerchief hem skirt / Romeo & juliet - Rota / 2a / popped z 2t / ftwrk 3t but planned a 3f according to sheet / combo spin was good / I like the spiral seq true inside out spiral / didn'tsee all of the program was trying to decide if the ftwrk jump was a t or a flip

    USA Angela Nikodinov Start 7 Place 2
    Notes royal blue with beading / music is just for you / 3z2t flutz / 3f / 2a / fly cam is great with pointed toe / combo spin is great as well / O ftwrk flows well could use more detail in 2nd half / spirals are very good / classic layback to end / great skate!!!

    JPN Yukari Nakano Start 8 Place 5
    Notes white shading to grey around waist / Prayer for Taylor / 3a flipout turn 2t / ftwrk 3f bad leg wrap / flycam is very nice with donut / spirals are ok needs to straighten knee / 2a / very pretty strt leg layback good speed / strt ftwrk bit of trip in the middle / combo spin is very nice with catch foot /

    UZB Anastasia Gimazetdinova Start 9 Place 20
    Notes black with bit of red shading at hips / tango from Cirque de Soleil / 2z2t heard her blades click while she was in the air / ftwrk 2f / flycam is very nice with layover & good speed / 1a / didn't really see the next couple of elements / spirals were a bit slow good pos though / combo spin included a beilmann / she didn't really seem to have the tango attitude /

    AUS Miriam Manzano Start 10 Place 12
    Notes white strapless effect with tinge of blue at hem / Enchanted Nymph is music / 3z flip out turn 2t / 3f fell / cly cam is very nice / really lost speed on the spiral seq / 2a / combo spin is centered with good pos but was quite slow / O ftwrk is ok / layback with head to skate to end /

    RSA Abigail Petersen Start 11 Place 22
    Notes black & gold pattern / Souvenir by Matsui / 3l turn out 2ft 2t / layback may have been short revs / 3s bit cheated but big smile on her face / flycam is nice / 2a weird fallout on her back got up & made a funny face / diag ftwrk is ok as are the spirals / combo spin did something funny going into the sit and almost came to a stop think her blade caught on the ice /

    MEX Gladys Orozco Montemayor Start 12 Place 24
    Notes like her dress black with partial red underneath / she has the tango attitude / music the angels death / 2a landed on wrong foot / 3s under fell / layback pos is weak / good spiral seq / combo spin might have been short revs on back end / ftwrk 3t under fell / flycam finished after music but had enough revs /

    TPE Anny Hou Start 13 Place 26
    Notes pretty satin blue at shoulders fading to light blue at skirt / dragonheart soundtrack / lattice effect down one side of back / flysit was pretty good / 3t2t lost it in air on 3t bailed / 2-1/2 loop bailed / missed part of her skat3e trying to describe her dress / final spin was layback which was very nice & went for 12 revs

    AUS Joanne Carter Start 14 Place 9
    Notes black lacy effect / The Beast soundtrack / 3z2t on replay z might not have been completely clean / big pause after ftwrk 3f might have scraped going by with free foot replay shows it didn't / combo spin had good pos got a bit slow / spirals are ok / 2a right in front of me with a BIG smile / layback is good / strt steps keep good speed / flycam is excellent with 3 diff pos /

    CHN Fan Zhang Start 15 Place 14
    Notes orange with black skirt / Trush by Magne / spirals in circle / 2a / layback had good speed pos is a bit weak / 3s rotated it both hands down / flycam is good / I got distracted not sure if I missed something / ftwrk into 3t needed more footwrk / combo

    KOR Eun-Byul Cho Start 16 Place 25
    Notes dark green velvetone shoulder with silver edging / Jumpin Jack / 2a rotated but fell / 3s landed on wrong foot turns 2t / layback had good speed & revs pos a bit weak / spiral pos are a bit weak & she slowed down / ftwrk 2f / flycam good fly & pos centered bit slow / strt ftwrk flows well / combo spin ends in neat pos

    RSA Shirene Human Start 17 Place 15
    Notes black with bit of red around top / Kissing You from Romeo & Juliet / 3t2t / layback is good but not as good as I remember / 3f was landed on wrong foot short rot / fly cam is good / 2a / strt step seq need a fe more steps good flow / spirals are ok / combo spin has very nice pos very well defined /

    CAN Cynthia Phaneuf Start 18 Place 8
    Notes off white with satin collar & cuffs / The Promise / 3z fell very slow into it tilted in air / ftwrk 3f might have had hand down far end of ice couldn't see if it touched / combo spin is very good / spirals are good / 2a not much height but good distance / layback with foot to head good speed & centered / diag ftwrk is interesting good speed at start stop in middle / flycam to end is good

    USA Amber Corwin Start 19 Place 1
    Place 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 3
    Notes black with elbow gloves / Moon River / layback has excellent speed & centering pos could be better / 3t3t 1st one might have been pre rot / ftwrk 3z / flysit - I didn't see it / spirals were very good / 2a she fought for it & kept it clean / I liked the O ftwrk / replay shows lutz to be a bit cheated /

    CHN Yan Liu Start 20 Place 10
    Notes light purple / 3z2t / 2a / she has really nice fast rotation & good air pos / layback is pretty good / O ftwrk is ok / 3l from 3's maybe a bit of pause / flycam is good / spirals are ok could be held longer esp 2nd one / combo spin is ok trav a bit on back

    JPN Yukina Ota Start 21 Place 3
    Notes black with royal blue sash effect / Picasso's dance / 3z2t / 3f clean as a whistle right in front of me / flycam is very good / outside in spiral spread eagle spiral maintained speed / 2a / now she'll have fun with music / fantastic layback / her teammates are up behind us and they're cheering her along all the way through the program strt steps are good and final combo spin

    MEX Michelle Cantu Start 22 Place 16
    Notes 42nd street medley soundtrack / 3z 2ft 2t toe axel / 3f 2ft messy far end of rink didn't completely see it / flycam is good / spiral seq is good / 2a maybe underrot farr end of rink / layback is ok / her presentation is quite good - she's playing with the music / O ftwrk is really to music & quite good / combo

    CAN Jennifer Robinson Start 23 Place 4
    Notes black & purple / Tanosain - Welcome to Cuba / 3z2t bit tight on landing of z but clean / 3f 1/4cheat but not 2ft / spirals are ok / butterfly back sit / diag ftwrk is very detailed but on slow side / 2a was very high and I didn't see a wrap / layback to strt leg is good / combo spin to end is on slow side til last pos but is good / and boy is she happy /

    KOR Bit-Na Park Start 24 Place 17
    Notes black on top shading to grey skirt / shindler list / ftwrk 3s / 3l under rot 2ft 2toe axel / layback is quite good / spirals are ok / waltz jump / flycam has nice pos bit slow / strt ftwrk needs more detail but flows very well / combo spin to end is veryfast with good pos neat hand pos on last pos /

    TPE Diane Chen Start 25 Place 19
    Notes ivory with gold trim / reverse jumper / Evita / 2a / spirals are ok / flycam is nice / 3s2t not entirely sure if sal is completely rotated / combo spin is ok / 3z didn't get pick in and bailed to a single / strt ftwrk is ok / layback to end is ok with a strt leg /

    KOR Sun-Bin Lee Start 26 Place 23
    Notes light coral on top dark on bottom / spartacus / layback is pretty good / 3s under rot fell / 3t under rot fell / O ftwrk moved ok all turns in same direction / 2a cheated up she stood up on it / flycam got very slow but nice layover pos / spiral seq is good / combo spin is soso /

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    Sounds like Angela, Yukina and Joannie wuz robbed!!!!!!!

    But thanks for the great report

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    thank you loads for the report! I really appreciate it, since I can't see it for my self

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    Thank you

    Thank you for the great report,Rosaleen! Can you report free too? Please!

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    What a fine report, Rosaleen. Thanks. Great competiton from Amber! And congrats to Angela and Yukina.

    What is Sk8score?


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    Answering the questions posted above all in one post. . .

    Sk8Score is a program I wrote for the Palm pda. I use it to write my notes (with normal 6.0 scoring it will also calculate the ordinals) and then upload them to my laptop into an Access database and then into reports which is what I post.

    I'll be doing reports for all of the events.

    I wouldn't say that Joannie wuz robbed. The fallout hands down on the 3z was a fairly major mistake, not just a quick little slip.

    Here's some comments on people's comments on the placements: Remember, I'm not a judge and it's possible I missed a spin or footwork deduction - I usually forget to count spin rotations until I realize that the skater might not have done enough <G>

    Amber, Angela & Yukina all skated clean and there's justifications for putting them in any order. One of the reasons I hate not seeing the ordinals (don't care which judge gave which marks) is you can't tell how close it was between the 3 of them. I was sitting at the end where Amber did her 3t3t and the 2nd toe was definitely clean (the upper body prerotated but not the foot), the 1st one I think was the same thing but I'm not 100% sure.

    Jennifer, Yukari, Joannie, Yoshie all had a mistake on 1 element.

    Cynthia had a mistake on 2 elements and much as I like Cynthia I have to admit that she might have been placed 1 or 2 places higher than she should have been.

    Joanne Carter skated clean except a possible cheat or slight 2foot on the lutz (far end of rink, couldn't see well enough), so if anyone wuz robbed, I'd say it was her.

    On the whole, I thought the event was quite well judged and the skaters ended up in pretty much the places they should have.

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    Amber doing well Internationally

    Roseleen, thank you so much! I felt reading your notes like I was there watching too! Wonderful!!!! Thank you so much because many of these skaters I will never see on TV. Amber skated cleanly and the international judges placed her highly according to the content and cleanliness of the short program, and this is nice to see! At US Nationals she has skated cleanly in the short program and been placed relatively lower. Maybe this shows the different standards of judging in different places of the world. It is nice to read about a clean skate from Angela Nikodinov also, as her life in skating seems to have been filled with sorrowful moments. Again, thank you!

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    Thanks Rosaleen for the clarification.
    I just wish the 6.0 was abandoned all together this season

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    Thanx R. for posting notes.

    Go Amber and Angela!!!

    And what is going on with Yoshie???

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    Thumbs up

    Another great report, Rosaleen (no lie)!

    And I agree with NCSk8Fan.......felt like I was right there with you watching the competiton (no lie) definitely have a gift for this. Thank You.

    Peace & Love, Nadine

    MAY ALL THE LADIES SKATE CLEAN!!! (best type of competition is when everyone skates their best)

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    I agree that the person robbed most was Joanne Carter (I didn't agree with a few judging decisions but she was the only one who I felt was cheated out of more then a place or two). He lutz was totally clean (it was right in front of me...I could even look down at the tracing on the ice after) and it was off a true outside edge. My friend and I both thought it was the best lutz of the night. The flip wasn't quite as good but still looked clean. I agree that Cynthia is lucky to be in 8th with her skate...she looked terrified before her warm-up, on her warm-up, and to a lesser extent as she went out to skate...still not bad for her first sr international.

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    There are upsets all over the place here. We are just going to wait for the LP results.

    In the meantime, this is Amber's year. Nice for her. She's been around a long time.


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    Great placements for Amber and Angela...............42

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