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17 pairs for 5 spots might not sound as bad as the singles, at least, but when one considers that Huang & Zheng are unlikely not to take one of them, and then look over at some of the contenders for the other four, this discipline may see the most broken hearts here, with:

Cathy & Chris Reed: I came extremely close to penciling these two in with Huang & Zheng, but with all the trouble they've had lately, I really don't think they're locks
Sara Hurtado & Adria Diaz: Had serious hopes of qualifying at Worlds, though ultimately that didn't happen
Alisa Agafonova & Alper Ucar: Also had hopes of qualifying at Worlds after showing their potential at Europeans, though a bad short kept them out of the free
Irina Shtork & Taavi Rand: Competing four years ago thanks to the berth his brother and his American-born partner earned and then couldn't use themselves; have improved enough since to potentially earn it themselves this time
Danielle O'Brien & Gregory Merriman: Tragically were forced out of Nebelhorn last time by illness when they would've no doubt made it then, but this field is much stronger
Gabriela Kubova & Matej Novak: In contrast to Shtork & Rand, he and previous partner(whom they beat out to make it here) qualified a berth last time, then couldn't use it when she broke her arm, but they were stronger together than they've been with their current partners so far
Angelina Telegina & Otar Japaridze: Last qualifier with his previous partner last time, and he got her citizenship too, but they too might find the field has passed them by, as might even
Allison Reed & Vasily Rogov: His previous partner and her new one, but even if they make it, there's the citizenship issue, and though they talk as if that's not a problem, even if it isn't, when they didn't make the free at Worlds last year there's the demanding Israeli Olympic Committee to consider...

After the Reeds & Hurtado & Diaz, I really don't know which of the above to pick for the last two. Perhaps O'Brien & Merriman, and Agafonova & Ucar. Then the rest will have to wait to see if Lithuania gives their team the needed citizenship, or even if Germany uses both their spots.
O' Brien & Merriman reportedly looked very good at the Australian Senior B.
Reeds were excellent at Lake Placid IDC.
Hurtado & Diaz didn't do that well at LPIDC.

I have hopes for Agafanova & Ucar. They were badly done by the tech panel & ref at Worlds when they suddently decided the SD music they used for the pattern dance was the wrong rhythm (it had passed all year) resulting in a 2 point deduction and level 1 for both pattern dance sequences.