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Thread: Translation of Interview with Julia Lipnitskaya

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    Translation of Interview with Julia Lipnitskaya (Russian)

    My translation:
    Julia LIPNITSKAYA: "In the short program I represent myself"

    The JrWorlds champion-2012, silver medalist of the JrWorlds-2013 Julia Lipnitskaya told about preparation for starts of a season and admitted that in the new short program she represents herself.

    - Julia, your new programs were put by Ilya Averbukh. In what feature of work with this director?

    - Ilya always tries to make a start from the thought-up image. For it it is important not only music, beautiful or not, the athlete accepts it or doesn't approach, it is important to create an unusual image under even all-known melody.

    - Was not so earlier?

    - Earlier we went from that as it was more convenient to me to do. Concentrated on beautiful hands, gestures, movements, elements … Now we try to tell story.

    - That is you understand, about what your program?

    - If it is honest, for the first time for the sports career I skate programs with images. But it seems to me, it is normal process. I became more adult and at many things I look differently.

    - If not a secret, tell briefly about new images.

    - In the short program I managed to cope with a task because there I represent myself. In this program I feel more surely and very naturally. By the way, for the short program we looked for music long. And when found, put the program surprisingly quickly. Somehow everything developed by itself. I like very much the program. It unusual, under piano music.

    With free skate program in this sense it is slightly more difficult because the program is more difficult. Here it is necessary to concentrate attention on each element that to execute everything purely. It is clear that when speech comes about complexity, the image leaves a little on the second plan. But I and in this program will try to express emotion, and I hope, everything will turn out. Music too the lyrical. But the program not about love. I would tell, an unexpected subject.

    - In the short program you represent yourself. And what are you now?

    - It is difficult to me to describe all this, after all from yourself you don't see. But I heard responses of other people, and all say that last year's Julia Lipnitskaya and present – two different persons. I feel by myself that my programs became more mature, more interesting. But I don't want much in advance to speak about it. You will see on test skating.

    - It was more difficult or simpler to you to begin preparation for a season?

    - In this season everything was in a different way. In the past a lot of things were for me more difficult. And the season was not such as we planned initially. And in it everything went quietly and gradually. Rolled the skates, worked on skating skills, created models of programs, gradually passed to jumps … Carried out good all-physical preparation. And somehow imperceptibly everything connected. Two weeks ago for the first time entirely skated the short program, the other day – free. But ahead still there is a lot of work.

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    Thanks so much for the translation, AlexRus !!

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    Thanks, AlexRus. It's interesting to hear about the process of creating a program from the skater herself.

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