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he said his biggest advantage is experience
so maybe he will jump the same content in 2010 at nationals a bit embarassing afterwards, lol
The other thing is, Evan and Jeremy seem to want this last chance at Olympic Glory so badly, that working so hard might bite them in the butt, in other words, they'll work so hard trying to land those darn quads that they end up re-injuring their aging bodies. So this is one situation where working extremely hard may not even help Evan or Jeremy, it actually is a risky situation, they probably need to be really careful about their training, not doing too many reps of the jumps that have triggered their injuries in the past, but at the same time doing enough to be prepared to land the jumps when it matters in competition. This is why I feel better about Max, and would like to see Dornbush or Farris (or someone else young and healthy) join him. Also if one of the younger guys makes the team and chokes, at least it would be a valuable learning experience, whereas if Abbott goes and chokes again, it's sad and not a good note to go out on, and for Evan anything less than gold, or even less than 4th, is a big letdown considering he was 4th 8 years ago, and for him to place 4th or higher in this field is basically a pipe dream.