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Actually, Elvis Stojko made an attempt to come back after his injury and skated in pain for many of his competitions. I don't know why Frank Carrol would say that. There have been many skaters over the years who have made comebacks after horrible injuries.
Sometimes when you're talking about something that's immediate and important to you, you tend to forget what came before. Either that, or Carroll is one of those people who talks in hyperbole out of habit. Simon Cowell (not that I'm meaning to compare the two in any other way!) often says something like "that's the worst presentation I've ever heard." They can't all be the worst!

In a world where Hongbo Zhao tore (didn't just pull) his Achilles tendon and then returned (at a pretty advanced age, too) to win first an Olympic bronze and then a gold, It's unlikely that Evan's injury is the worst ever. I'm sure it's bad, but he's not the only one with such a challenge.