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Philip Hersh ‏@olyphil 19m

Frank Carroll just told me @EvanLysacek returned to ice last week. "Not complicated things, but some skating."
From the Hersh article today (12:18 p.m. CDT, September 23, 2013)
[Lysacek] still is scheduled to compete at Skate America Oct. 18-20, but that seems less and less likely, even if Carroll hasn't ruled it out.
“He is not now at the (physical) level he will need to be for Skate America,” Carroll said. “I’m anxious to see how he is doing today.”



Today the USOC announced that Lysacek will be one of the featured Sochi hopefuls at its 100 Day Countdown event -- on Oct 29, barely a week after Skate America.
More than forty athletes are expected to participate. Of the ten mentioned by name in the announcement, Lysacek is the only figure skater.
Staged in NYC's Time Square, the event will include "an ice rink for curling, figure skating, speedskating and hockey demonstrations."

BTW, this part sounds cool in general :
"At the event, Pilobolus and the USOC will premiere a film on the iconic Times Square billboards that celebrates human achievement through the sports of the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games."
Assume that some of our favorite skaters will be included among those seen on the huge Times Sq. billboards. What a thrill for them and for us.


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No Golden, I wasn't saying that what FRANK said was hearsay. I was saying that everyone was jumping to conclusions on what Phil was "reporting". All that Frank said was that he was concerned because the "clock is ticking and Evan needs a qualifying score" before Jan 27th, 2014 deadline.

Frank, as the top notch coach that he is, has all right to be concerned about Evan making a qual score. But seriously, people are taking something Phil tweets or writes and are using that as a tool to say...well...there goes Evan he's done, let's dismiss him! Did Frank say he's done? Did the Lysacek camp say it's done? No..therefore people, please stop reading into a simple common quote for this situation from Frank as anything more than a simple statement.

Public speculation is blowing this out of proportion. That's all I'm saying. ....
IcyEdges, thanks for the reply and clarification.