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It wasn't instituted at a time that makes it fair to the field. The ISU didn't allow the men to do a solo 3A or a solo quad in the SP until many had proven over the years that they were capable of doing the jump. They didn't institute the rule when only one male skater was capable of doing a 3A or a quad--because that would have given that skater too big of a competitive advantage in the short program.

Same for the ladies with the triple out of footwork, or the triple/triple in the SP. They weren't allowed to do it until numerous ladies had shown they could do it over a number of years; it was proven that no single individual would be the sole beneficiary.

It may have been silly that Kristi Yamaguchi and Midori Ito were doing doubles out of footwork in the SP in 1992, and you can say that the ISU was overly cautious, but at least they never gave one skater a big leg up over the others in the short program. Until 2010, that is.

Skaters should be allowed to jump any jump they are able to, even quint if they can. If a skater is really capable of great achievements he/she should have a competitive advantage. As a fan, at the Olympics I like to see records, special programs and I'm happy that ISU allowed it.