I know this doesn't make a lot of sense. I agree Evan doesn't need another reason to w/d. And yes he has injuries. But I think some of us, for whatever reason, do not feel perhaps his comeback is all that geniune or serious or realistic. Very few skaters can come back without competing since the last Olympics. Especially when the sport has changed and everyone has a quad and everyone has been trying to be like Lambiel or Buttle - great pcs (skating skills and all). Yes, Evan should do and will do what he wants. Yes it may be for money or attention. It may be genuinely be for the joy of competing or skating and it might be for ego too. It does add drama to the sport but I personally just don't care that much now for him. I realize it is up to Evan but I hope someone else gets their chance in the limelight. Evan has had a lot of luck now I hope he can move on and be happy. Whether or not he goes to sochi.