I think there is much worthy criticism of Evan dragging this one out, some saying he's just doing it for sponsorship $$$$. But seriously, do you not think whatever/whoever is sponsoring him with $$$ does not know the real deal? They are probably just milking this out as much as they can with Evan as long as they possibly can. I still bet you we will see USN commercials with Evan in them, and a day or so before the SP he will pull out.(Not unlike Kwan in 2006 when all the sponsors wanted was her in Torino, even if she w/d. You think anyone cares about these athletes AFTER the Games? The money is in the leadup.) USFS will love it, like all the Skate Americas that had Evan's visage on the promotional material because maybe he increased some interest, only for him to 'surprisingly' pull out due to injury or whatever (Wasn't there an issue with USFS? Maybe he wanted an appearance fee for SA but USFS said HTTN). I'm not really sure how much interest, but hey something is better than nothing.

Another poster said as if it cleared the matter up, "Why would Evan, spend $$ on new programs and train if he wasn't serious??". I have a better one for you. "If Evan is trying to sell his persona to sponsors as still an Olympic contender, how could he NOT spend money on new programs and Frank and at least attempt to train??" If he didn't at least make it appear he was gunning for it, why would sponsors pick him up? His personality was well, nonexistent. All he had for sponsors was defending Olympic champ looking to defend his title.