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Thank you, I didn't even think I was being Anti-Evan, just realistic. I would suppose Evan's sponsors know exactly what is going on. He might have the very best of intentions.

I do hope upon hope, that USFS will pull their head out of their rectal cavity and STOP with this 80s ice king and queen mentality. How embarrassed were they when Alissa Czisny was chosen for the coveted top two spots for Wordls12? I thought the judging was HORRENDOUS at the nationals. HORRENDOUS. And so as the ambassador of the US who was only given two spots to the Worlds, Alissa did not manage ONE (ONE!!!) clean jump in both her programs. This is one of the top two the USFS has to offer at the World Championships???? Alissa had TEN jump passes combined in her programs, and she was 0/10!!! I know Alissa graduated from college, so I wonder how she'd feel if she got a 0% on a final exam, not because she didn't show up, but because she DID and couldn't do it.

And yeah yeah, "Icy", the only thing that impressed me about Evan was his work ethic. I root for those athletes. And he lays it down when he needs to. I wasn't a fan, but I did respect his commitment. I'm not a hater, puhleaze.
I respect everything in this reply. But you said I called you a hater. I never called you a hater. Others in this thread like the person that almost immediately replied to me (no not you sweetskates1), are the type I'm talking about. Not you.