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I appear to have made an error there - I thought I understood that the Ukrainian Open was the 10th. Apparently it is not. It matters little because Lysacek will not show up anyway and that is his last chance. And I doubt he will go to a Senior B RIGHT before Nationals. It is under a month until the first day of Nationals begins.

And really - is he really so arrogant as to presume he can come back after four years away and just waltz onto the Olympic team, ahead of younger, better skaters who have all been doing the hard yards around the international scene? Even Plushenko was not so presumptuous as that!

And IcyEdges, don't flatter yourself by imagining that I follow you around GS.

Lysacek did not 'assume' that he could wait four years and waltz back on to the Olympic team. That is why he started training full time several years ago. That is why Lysacek had two competition programs ready for last season (Poeta & S&D). Unfortunately the groin injury & the surgery to repair the torn abdominal muscle kept him from competing.

When I spoke to Evan in July, he stated that he was pain free and was looking forward to competing again. Unfortunately, in late August, Evan suffered a slight abdominal tear and a torn hip labrum. Both injuries are painful injuries that required downtime from training. Evan has undergone physical therapy and has resumed training. However, time is the enemy... It is doubtful that Lysacek will be healed enough in time to compete. If Lysacek does not compete, it will not be from lack of desire and effort.