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Actually, I think that's what annoyed me most about this whole charade. People making out like the US didn't have a prayer without Lysacek. Totally disrespecting the abilities and prospects of much younger and better skaters, when really, the US has done just fine without him.

Perhaps I ought to be disappointed that we didn't get to have another round of "Evan works harder than ANY OTHER SKATER IN THE WORLD!!!!" bull...
What charade? Lysacek has been battling injuries the last two years that have prevented him from being able to compete. He sustained a groin injury in August 2012, and then had surgery on November 20, 2012 to repair a torn abdominal muscle. Lysacek was then off the ice for six weeks. He then attempted to rehab the injury in time to compete at 2013 Nationals and was unable to do so. Lysacek then recovered from that injury and planned to compete this season. Unfortunately, he was injured during a fall while performing his short program during Champs Camp in late August. That injury was initially diagnosed as a slight abdominal tear. It was later determined that he had a torn left hip labrum. Lysacek tried to rehab the injury in time to compete this season; however, there was not enough time for him to recover. How is it a "charade" when an athlete trains, gets injured, and is unable to recover in time to compete?

I find it ironic that you get upset at other people who "disrespect the abilities and prospects of much younger and better skaters", when you have made it a habit on this forum to repeatedly disrespect the abilities and accomplishments of several skaters, including Lysacek.