Hello. I am new to the forum and also returning back to the ice after 8 years!! (after my daughter was born..........been at home)
I had purchased SP -Teri boots JUST prior to getting pregnant and had decided to start Ice Dance.

Anyway, my boots are too small and needed a new pair. However, (I am in Phoenix) my proshop is an official dealer for Jackson boots. I had Jacksons before and hated them but was talked into them because they "are better now"....I mean after a decade on the ice. So I purchased the Premier boot.

Later I told my coach (in Texas because I didn't have one here yet..and my daughter needed me on the ice NOW etc) and she was livid. Says I should purchase Harlicks since I can afford them now and blah blah. She says I need a low back stay to point foot and was over booted.....and she also knows of my past ballroom and ballet dance experience......if that makes a difference.
Anyway I can't return my Jacksons. That is ok with me. BUT......I am still going to purchase Harlicks. How is my pro shop going to fit me if he doesn't regularly fit people in Harlicks? I am not that ambitious to travel to the manufacturing plant lol. Or wait to travel to a competition.

So my post is all over the place.........my question is...or TWO questions: Do I really need a dance boot for my bronze Dance or other levels? And what are your opinions of other brands? My feet are wide in the ball and small heel.

Why am I so intimidated to ask my pro shop to order something they don't carry????? Arg......