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Thread: Free Dance - Notes & Results

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    Free Dance - Notes & Results

    Here's the dance notes & results - results are only for the free dance. I'm not very good at taking dance notes, so I apologize in advance for the notes -- I'll do much better with the ladies later today.

    They're announcing the judges for the ladies so I'd better get out there.

    CHN Qi / Sun Start 0 Place 12
    Notes shades of blue in diag pattern / music The Life Like a Sea / opening twizzles were in sync / rot lift moved very quickly with attractive pos / diag steps skated completely in dance hold good spped & detail / nothing much to the next lift or maybe it was just an accent / music has slowed & softened / I missed a couple of lifts & the spin / O ftwrk is ok / I've lost track of where they are in relation to my 'cheat sheet / Enjoyable dance lifts were all on the simple side, they kept up the speed

    AUS Bourne / Pavlov Start 2 Place 13
    Notes shades of mauve & purplelots of hanging bits from here / Four Season / lift with her going over his head and then he swings her - neat but hard to describe / dance spin had nice pos but very slow / again I missed stuff 'cause they'renow in the O ftwrk which was quite nice / twizzles seq in sync & matching / overall it was a pleasant dance - nothing spectacular but ok

    AUS Buck / Nelson-Bond Start 3 Place 11
    Notes Storm, Poets Request / yellow at shoulders shading through pink to marron at bottom / started with strt line steps, right away you can see their speed is better than the 2 prev teams / first few lifts had nice pos & changes of pos / O ftwrk looked like they were thinking through it / bit of slip on exit of lift/ twizzles seq seemed to have a bit of problem - subtle but just not quite right / all of their lifts & moves looked like there was some thought behind their design as to wht kind of shape they'd show to the audience

    CHN Yu / Wang Start 4 Place 10
    Notes her in black with silver trim him in white shirt & black pants with silver trim down legs / Push the Limits by Enigma / start off with a dance spin that was slow but good pos / missed a lift / strt steps with music but simple / rot lift lift where she's wrapped around his neck/ twizzles almost perfect sync / spin that didn't hvae much to it / now the music really speeds up with a harder beat and they're shaking their shoulders & everything else – having a great time

    USA Galley-Rabinowitz / Mitchell Start 5 Place 8
    Notes her in red with one sleeve & open back him in black / Temptation Tango / sbs twizzles somthing out of sync on both / nice change of edge lift iwth him in low spread eagle / O ftwrk has good tango attitude & speed / all 3 lifts so far have had him in the same basic spread eagle pos / set of twizzles problem on 1st with unison 2nd was good / diag steps are fast / a dance spin was good fast with nice pos

    CAN Piche / Denis Start 6 Place 7
    Notes her in white with red bits hanging him in black with red bits /Angel & Devil / neat lift with him in spiral pos and her hanging parallel to ice under him / they're noticably fast than the rest / lift with him in squat and her backwards over ice / twizzles looked good O ftwrk is fast in close holds / rot lift moves fast / final lift with multiple pos / Boy that dance went by fast - usually (for me) a sign that it's a good program

    JPN Tsuzuki / Miyamoto Start 7 Place 9
    Notes royl blue & gold egyptian style / Prince of Egypt is music / they're moving really fast / he had a tiny trip just in front of me but covered it up quite well / change of edge lift got very slow but she had some nice pos changes / sbs twizzles seemed ok /neat lift where she's held behind his back /

    CHN Yang / Gao Start 8 Place 6
    Notes chicago / her in black top is a bit too sheer depending on agnle / him in shiny royal blue shirt & black pants / twizzles really fast & in sync / they set the mood right off for a fun program / lift with some neat pos ending in her in charlotte & he flips her so she do it the other way - hard to describe but really cute / I had a smile on my face all the way through - thoroughly enjoyable- they put across the fun of the program and drew us into it. They got it. Exact opposite of tot/mar whole have the same kind of program with Cotton Club but fail to get it across to the audience

    CAN Dubreuil / Lauzon Start 9 Place 2
    Notes Selection of Tangos / him in black her in black & red black has a leather effect / right off they have attitude! / rot lift is very fast/ O ftwrk is fsat with lots of pos & handhold changes / music is a softer tango now and they have softened their styleto match nice long edges & dancey / lift where I think he's supposed to be in shoot duck went wrong and he was down on the ice on one knee sliding along / fianl rot lift with him holding her with one arm was very good /

    USA Gregory / Petukhov Start 10 Place 4
    Notes Toccata & Fugue in D Minor / Air by bach / her in white with grey shading himin black with grey shading / nicerot lift to start into sbs twizzles with pretty good sync / they're moving fast with good flow & energy / O ftwrk their holds might be a bit far apart / music changes to air and they're moving slower to it at centre ice / lift with him in forward shooot duck and then another with him in arabewque / looked like a bit of problem on spin he didn't get on to one foot for a while / strt line ftwrk she had a slip - small one / neat lift with her standing on his thigh /

    USA Belbin / Agosto Start 11 Place 1
    Notes her in red him in direct jeans & shirt / West Side Sotry / rot lift with her draped over his arm / strt steps are very difficult & fast & well done / sbs twizzles match / The music cuts are getting to me / 2nd set of twizzles he had a slip - fel out of it / spin with him in sit pos is very nice / him in shoot duck pos is very attractive / O ftwrk is fast & difficult into final dance

    JPN Watanabe / Kido Start 12 Place 5
    Notes Nutcrack / him in blue her in pink both with gold bands threaded around them / O ftwrk to the same section Yags used for his in the Nutrocker short program / dance spin has nice shapes / twizzles matched well / they're really having fun with the music at times they're the dolls and although some of program is a bit empty they don't try and go beyond their abilities and bring the audience into the fun. Luckily I'm sitting on the same side as the judges or we would have missed some of the facial expressions

    CAN Wing / Lowe Start 13 Place 3
    Notes black on one side white on other with bit of red trim / NinaRota soundtracks / start out with a lit right inot a dance spin with grat pos / twizzles in perfect sync / dance flowed really well / I was too busy watching and didn't take detailed notes - have to admitthat I'm predujecd in their favour / they seemed to move faster than at Canadians and more at ease with the program

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    Thanx for posting the notes for us. I am a huge and very biased fan of all four of the top teams so these results are just great for me! Big congrats to Tan and Ben for winning the gold as well; as the rest of the top four for skating great this week! :D

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    particularly thankful for the Wing and Lowe notes, and am glad they got their bronze.

    I find them more enjoyable to watch than D&L (Can), so it's definitely a guilty pleasure to read about them.

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    It was an interesting night. Obvious mistakes by three out of the top four teams. I agree with the judging though. Wing and Lowe were great, I was so happy for them. Interesting to see a Japanese team in fifth. They were good, with one really odd lift that probably should have received one of those "undignified" deductions though.

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    Originally posted by Antilles
    Interesting to see a Japanese team in fifth. They were good, with one really odd lift that probably should have received one of those "undignified" deductions though.

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    Thanks for the reports. I just looked up info on Watanabe & Kido -- they train with Lininchukin Delaware. Intersting how they will develop. Then again, seems like Japan doesn't yet have elite Ice Dance coaches -- they other two coules train with Boucher-Zazoui's camp in Lyon.
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