So sorry....I have to also ask about blades.
I have heard many stories about switching blades too early or problems adjusting.
I have been encouraged to switch to a dance blade because of maneuverability with partner. Or just in general.
I am not advanced at all in Ice dance but some elements I am (makes my coach think....hmmm how strange).
The things that are supposed to be difficult are easy for me and the stuff that is supposed to be easy is hard! What is wrong with me??? lol
I have always been able to do foot work no problem (maybe from dance i don't know but i love it)

Should I switch blades? I know you can't tell unless you see me skate but I'm not sure. Maybe I will be surprised.

Right now I am still skating in my old MK professional freestyle blades.....not even an upper end freestyle blade. I just don't know..........scared.