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Chovk and Bates -- I knew I was going to hate vocal music. I got caught up with trying to follow the music and forgot that there was someone skating.
Oh so many events ago, I found out I was no good at seeing what the judges were looking for. This was confirmed to me again when I would turn on the technical channel of the ear bug and listen
to real experts tell me what the judges and tech panel were looking for in ice dance. But that's OK. Many here are blessed with seeing the right and wrong, like Mirai's URs. I am not. I am there for the performance.
And I thought for me the vocals added to my feelings about C/B's Free Dance. And for me, feelings are what it is all about. But I can see Mathman's point. If you were trying to watch for what the tech panel and judges were
looking for, the music would be distracting....