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Thread: The new Carlo Fassi?

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    The new Carlo Fassi?

    Hi there

    When I first started following skating in the 1980s, there were a few legendary coaches who seemed to churn out the champions. Carlo Fassi, John Nicks, Frank Carroll, and maybe in Canada, Ellen Burka. If you really wanted to improve and crack the big time, you studied with them. For eg: Fassi in the 1970s had John Curry, Dorothy Hamill and Robin Cousins, in the 1980s Caryn Kadavy and Jill Trenary, all athletic and graceful -- you could tell they were his pupils. I just wondered: who are the supercoaches of today? Who do you go to who will give you that edge, who reliably produces all-around skaters who are technically and artistically superior? Do such supercoaches exist anymore, and consistently produce great skaters?

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    Frank Carroll, Orser, Krall, Zoueva, Sphilband, Morosov, Mishin--to name a few!

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