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Thread: Ice Dance SD JGP Mexico 2013

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    I wondered whether we were seeing the effects of bad ice, high altitude, early in the season or all 3.

    Yes, all these couples will hope for a better outing next time, I think.

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    It's noteworthy when the music deduction is taken given how many hurdles the ISU committees put in place for this to be actually taken. It's like 'laws' in some countries. Lots of laws in writing. Rarely enforced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorispulaski View Post
    Yes, the tango was an allowed rhythm, but there were a couple teams that used a tango to do the Golden Waltz to, which probably should have been penalized. I'm probably remembering incorrectly, but I'm thinking Paul & Islam had the most egregious example of trying to do the GW to a tango. There were some barely perceptible 3/4 time beats edited into the music to make it kind sorta acceptable, but it really was a tempo problem. OTOH, the T for off-time designation was not in force then. The only place to take the deduction was in the Timing PCS component. I don't recall whether the overall Incorrect Tempo deduction was in place then, or whether it came in when the T designation for missing a key point in the pattern dance came in (in addition to Y for Yes and N for No)
    Not to flog a horse, but Paul and Islam actually used La Cumparsita Vals, a rearrangement of a famous tango piece into 3/4 waltz time (the rearrangement was produced years before their program, too). Being blended in with the tango cuts preceding and following it may have confused the issue, but the tempo was absolutely correct.

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