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Thread: Ice Dancing??

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    Question Ice Dancing??

    Im currently in speed skating and i used to do figure skating. How do you even start ice dancing? I would wanna start just for fun. Im in milwaukee.

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    Squekers, welcome to Golden Skate! I hope some coaches will give you some tips on starting dance.

    Here's a list of figure skating coaches in the Greater Milwaukee area. I know nothing about any of these people.

    You might contact the figure skating club at your local rink(s) for advice for the best rink for dance.

    Back in the day, when I learned to dance, you started learning compulsories-the upside was that their were dance sessions, and if you knew the dances, you could find a partner and skate any session It was a lot of fun.

    It may not be like that any more. That is over 40 years ago.

    This site may be some help:

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    Hi Squekers, as it happens, I am an ice dance coach in Milwaukee! If you want to contact me, pm me & I'll give you my phone number. We can do a trial lesson if you like, & I'm happy to tell you about our other fine coaches if you'd like to try anyone else. Welcome!!

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