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Thread: What boot to get

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    Quote Originally Posted by pooh-beanie View Post
    does anyone know exactly what kind of boot matches what kind of skater in terms of the skater's level? i'm intermediate and working on double toes/flips and im not sure what kind of skate to get after my jackson premieres break down. the problem is that they are custom-made... and i don't really know what else to do about it because jackson just moved their factory-thingy from canada to china and the canadians are so much better. my first custom pair was made in canada and my current pair are from china and ugh i can't deal with the bad workmanship. also im on coronation ace blades but there are so many versions of it i think its close in level to jackson elite blades.
    at any rate can someone please help me ty
    You could ask your pro shop guy about SP Teri boots. Jacksons and SP Teris have a similar fit, so they often work well for the same feet (although you may also need custom sizing for your SP Teri's based on what you are saying). I have SP Teri KT-2 boots and really like them, but of course the stiffness you need will depend on your body weight, not just which jumps you are landing.

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    There are many factors to consider, but, for your level, the general guideline is a boot with a stiffness rating between 45 and 70, with an intermediate/advanced blade.

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    • Jackson Premier
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    • Riedell 255 Motion
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    • Eclipse Mist
    • John Wilson Coronation Ace
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    • John Wilson Coronation Comet
    • John Wilson Four Aces
    • MK Professional
    • MK Vision

    SOURCE: Kinzie's Closet, LLC.

    Just a starting point for you. Consult your coach, get a proper fitting, and under no circumstances leave the shop with a skate you're not 100% happy with!

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