This is Hanyu's new free program, Romeo and Juliet (music by Nino Rota from the 1968 film). Wisely, he has retained the same short program, Parisienne Walkways, which he had so much success with last season

What Hanyu lacked last season was consistency in his long program. He would regularly skate superb short programs (setting a new world record for the SP), only for it to all to fall apart in the free skate. His problems with asthma have always been a factor in terms of his stamina problems in the free skate, although according to this excellent article, he is now able to train for 3-4 hours a day. Youth and inexperience at the senior level probably also play a part. However, its been asked before, but with the start of a new season, does Hanyu have enough time to close the gap on Chan and overtake him before the 2014 Olympics?