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Yuzuru is an EXCITING skater.
The excitement comes from :
1. The very high quality of his elements and the undoubtable "wow" factor.
2.His vulnerabity and not enough masculine style ( we look at him as our child, and it creates him a real supportive attitude around).

I think, when Chan is clean Hanyu is nowhere near to him.

The real question is Patrick Chan. When he has "his" day, nobody can recently catch him.
If not, at least 4 others can win and Hanyu is one of them.
I am a Chan fan but also love Hanyu. Hanyu's skating is exciting almost because of its wildness. Unfortunately for him it can also bring a lack of control. The complexity of Chan's skating and high level of difficulty, changing of edges etc give him the nod from the judges. He brings the 'figures' element back into figure skating but weaves this element into the intricate programs.