Hah, you can keep crowing that Chan isn't a
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Plushenko is a better skater - as in all-around figure skater - now than he was in his "prime". He was certainly a better jumper back then, but that's about it. As for Plushenko's 2006 LP scoring 190 these days, with just 1 quad and a doubled flip, and minimal choreography? It's the Olympics, not Russian nationals. If you can honestly say his LP in 2006 (which was essentially just a jump fest which would never score even close to 90 points in PCS from any sane judging panel) was better than his LP at Euros in 2012, then I really can't take you seriously more than I already don't.
great artistic skater, and exaggerate his falls, and make wild assertions that he's hated, but the scores/wins say otherwise. You can continue to hate on him, but he still has 3 straight World titles, the World record scoring total and SP score, and - at his best - is without a doubt one of the best skaters in figure skating history. He doesn't even need to win the Olympics for that to be true.
But 2 of his World Titles are highly disputed.