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I think he would have to be considerably cleaner than Patrick to win. Chan tends to get higher GOE and will certainly get higher SS and TR points. There are also a number of skaters, including Hanyu who can defeat even a perfect Plushenko. A Plushenko with 2 quads and 2 3A's will be very difficult for anyone, even Chan, to beat, though. I'm expecting bigger things from Fernandez and Hanyu. Even Ten I would expect bigger things. Obviously, we can't tell until people hit the ice. There's no telling that Chan/Yuzuru will get his act together, or if Plushenko will be able to do 2 quads again, or if Fernandez will be able to replicate his 3 quads, or if Ten can continue his success.
Very true! Plushenko needs 2 quads and a great program to beat Chan or Fernandez or etc. In my opinion no home boost can replace the technical content and especially a healthy body.
Hanyu needs more consistency to close the gap with PChan. Fernandez needs three quads , Chan needs to be clean.
Let's see who's able to meet the requirements and win the OGM.