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If GOE is objective, then PCS must be objective as well, it's the same judges after all right? So this means that I can start believing that Yuzuru's skating skills ARE actually better than Kozuka's. Right.

Or that Yuzuru's 3A-2T in the free is actually not so special after all, since Skate Canada's judges seemed to think it warranted a meager +0.57 GOE. No matter that commentators have been raving about it and fellow skater Jeremy Ten went so far as to describe it as 'godly'.
Kozuka is the #5 man of Japan. He is clearly inferior to Hanyu.

Skate Canada judges are typically home biased. Only +0.57 for Hanyu's 3A-2T which no one else can do. They were so much afraid of Hanyu's talent and wanted to downplay. OTOH, the judges at GPF gave +1.71 to Chan's ugly 3A. Actually his scores are more generous than TEB. In terms of TES, Hanyu will beat Chan anywhere but in Canada with just about same margins. They had so much trust in Hanyu and didn't need to hold down Chan's score.