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He has shown he can win when skating near his best, and if Chan makes errors. It was nice to see Hanyu do that well. And I hope it makes pat realize that he may not have it in the bag at Olympics. But Olys are in Russia, not Japan. Kovtun or Plushenko may surprise-I am glad to see the mens comp. is not a done deal. I do not think the Oly judges would pull a victory for Chan against a Japanese who skates lights out. Denis Ten is from ? where? ( I know where-no fed is my point). But Patrick can be outskated on any given night by a few Japanese men, Kovtun, Javi. If the judging is fair, Patrick may earn silver or bronze. I don't think he'll finish lower than bronze even if he Zambonis the ice and others skate 5 quads. But he was beaten at the GP final. Olympics will be judged harshly, aand he must really earn it with his jumps, not just skating skills PCS.

I hope for steady nerves, as we could see the best mens event ever.
I think it could indeed be the best event ever, with many men attempting at least 2 quads and some with 3 quads. Hanyu really has the potential to have the most technically demanding Olympic FS ever, but that 4S has so far failed him this whole season (other than the one he managed to squeak out at Finlandia). Hopefully the GPF win improves his confidence, but that clean skate is something Hanyu still has yet to attain. Chan's camp really should continue to do what they've been doing, maintain a clean competition, with the likelihood of Hanyu making an error in one of his opening quads. If Hanyu goes clean in Sochi, I would imagine he scores above a clean Chan overall due to the technical advantage, but I would hope that if Hanyu falls (or Chan or whoever), they are placed behind a cleaner skater. It's been a while since an Olympic champion hasn't gone clean, although the difficulty has certainly progressed to unprecedented levels.