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Chan at his VERY best would maybe deserve 90 in PCS. Skating an uninspired performance with 3 errors, as at 2012 Worlds, should put him far below 90. Saying otherwise is just buying into the propaganda machine that is killing the sport. You even blindly defend the tech panel when they aren't properly trained in measuring jump rotation. There is NO instruction in the ISU judge training seminars for precisely measuring jump rotation, by looking at where the skater leaves the ice and when the jump should be considered landed (and that point should not be seen as when the very top of the skater's toepick has just barely begun to touch down). Until the ISU trains the judges properly and actually puts specifications into the rulebook, these calls will be continue to be more unfair and scientifically incorrect than they should be, resulting in poor competition results and spectators being put off.

I simply cannot take you seriously when you say things like Chan would maybe deserve a 90 in PCS at his very best -- as in his flawless TEB FS would maybe deserve 90 PCS at best. You are clearly a hater and thankfully far away from being a part of any judging/tech panel as your bias against Chan would cause you to willfully lowball him every time. You'd totally be that outlying judge giving him 6's in interpretation and performance in a pathetic attempt to skew him down, because he leaves you cold and emotionless and uninspired, no matter how he skates.

And stating that the tech panel isn't properly trained in measuring jump rotation is also extremely ridiculous (especially when you defend consistent UR jumpers like Murakami). Why aren't you a certified tech specialist if you seem to know everything that all the actual certified tech specialists don't? Probably, the same reason you've never been a certified choreographer... in your own head, you think everyone else is wrong and only you know all the answers, when nothing could be further from the truth.