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    With all this "Musical Coaches" going on how does this affect the credit due to the choreographer? Often times the old coach did all the work, selecting, editing, helping choose costume, etc. Now skater changes coaches, how much does the new coach need to change to call it "theirs"? Especially if it was nice.

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    Coaches typically don't do the choreo these days, it's usually set by one of the big name choreographers.

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    It's been my understanding that a skater and/or his coach contracts with a choreographer to do either the long program, short program or both. But then I believe that skater owns that program whether he stays with the same coach or not. Correct me if I'm wrong! I think the only time a coach calls a program "his" is when he's actually done the choregraphy. And then there are collaborations which would probably really be a mess if the skater left that coach.

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