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I never cared for Rodnina, probably because I'd been a huge fan of the Protopopovs. Of the more modern pair teams I have to give the greatest title to Gordeeva & Grinkov. Special mention to Shen & Zhao, Babalonia & Gardner.
Oh, don't get me wrong. My favorite pair ever were the Protopopovs. But, it's difficult to dismiss Rodnina. The record speaks for itself, but she was one of those skaters you couldn't take your eyes off.

She had charisma out the wazoo. I admit to loving and rooting for B/G during Rodnina's latter years... they were the "home team" after all. But Irina was just so WOW.

I know it's an old complaint of mine, but I'm afraid we'll never see pairs programs like those delivered by the icons of the sport. The Protopopovs (and B/G for that matter) took their time. They presented the elements in the most beautiful and finished fashion. They weren't rushed from one trick to the other like CoP skaters are today.