And to finish our my preliminary rosters, all entries locked, probable, and possible for the ice dance competition:

1. USA: Meryl Davis & Charlie White, locked
2. USA: Madison Chock & Evan Bates, very probable
3. USA: Maia & Alex Shibutani, probable
4. CAN: Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir, locked
5. CAN: Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Pojé, locked
6. CAN: Piper Gilles & Paul Poirier(if she can get citizenship, Weaver's precedent is in her favor), frontrunners over Alexandra Paul & Mitchell Islam, Kharis Ralph & Asher Hill, and Nicole Orford & Thomas Williams
7. RUS: Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Soloviev
8. RUS: Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov, very probable
9. RUS: Ekaterina Riazanova & Ilia Tkachenko, slight frontrunners over Victoria Sinitsina & Ruslan Zhiganshin, Ksenia Monko & Kirill Khavalian, and Ekaterina Pushkash & Jonathan Guerreiro
10. ITA: Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte, locked
11. ITA: Charlene Guignard & Marco Fabbri, probable
12. FRA: Nathalie Pechelat & Fabian Bourzat, locked
13. FRA: Gabriella Papadakis & Guillaume Cizeron or Pernelle Carron & Lloyd Jones
14. GER: Nelli Zhiganshina & Alex Gaszi, locked
15. GER: Tanja Kolbe & Stefano Caruso or Shari Koch & Christian Nuchtern, if either can meet the standards the German federation will probably set
16. GBR: Penny Coomes & Nicholas Buckland, locked
17. UKR: Siobhan Heekin-Canedy & Dmitri Dun, assuming she's got the citizenship thing taken care of(anyone know for sure?)
18. LTU: Isabella Tobias & Deividas Stagniunas, if the Lithuanian government changes its mind and grants her citizenship; if they don't Lithuania will almost certainly have to give this spot up
19. AZE: Julia Zlobina & Alexei Sitnikov, locked
20. CHN: Xintong Huang & Xun Zheng, very probable
21. TUR: Alisa Agafonova & Alper Ucar, locked
22. AUS: Danielle O'Brien & Gregory Merriman, locked
23. JPN: Cathy & Chris Reed, locked
24. ESP: Sara Hurtado & Adria Diaz, locked


1. SVK: Federica Tesa & Lukas Csolley, if she can get citizenship(anyone know the situation there?)
2. POL: Justyna Plutowska & Peter Gerber
3. GEO: Angelina Telegina & Otar Japaridze, assuming he can get her citizenship the way he did his last partner
4. FIN: Henna Lindholm & Ossi Kanervo