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My guess is that Christina has difficulty with doing steps before her flip, so that's why she does the loop in the SP. I thought her track record with the loop was pretty decent last season, not sure what you're referring to. I think she landed it cleanly in all but one event.

Perhaps it was the injury she had over the summer, but Christina looks like she regressed in many aspects of her skating since last season. Lots of jump problems, her footwork was sluggish, and her spins weren't good either. Her final combo spin in the FS was not good at all.
She had a good track record with the 3lo in the FS last season, but not so much the SP. I believe she URed it at TEB and the URed and 2-footed it at the GPF. Her 3f she almost never misses except for occasionally the one in the 2nd half of her FS. And she did 3f out of steps on the JGP and at Nationals in 2010 without any issues, so really I think she's trying to put the 3f-3t back in.