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As for the lutz/flutz/Sarahslutz, I don't even understand why they go to a camera to make a determination??? Even Robin in 2002 admitted they hid the Sarahslutz to disguise it from the judges. Why not just read the tracing on the ice? Who cares how they disguise their foot, just look at the ice. I guess that is too much to ask.
It was no secret that Sarah underrotated her jumps, it just wasn't explicitly penalized under the old system. She did 7 clean triples and 2 3/3s and still only got scores as high as 5.8 for technical merit, so there was some penalty there. When Irina did her 2 3/3s (a bit sloppily) she got marks as high as 6.0, so that should put Sarah's scores a bit into perspective.